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Support FAQs

If you are sharing the daily lesson video with students by projecting it from your computer, you can simply click and play the video on the platform and then expand the video to full screen. 

If your students will be viewing the video on their own individual devices, click on “Video Link” under Teacher Materials on the platform, copy the link to the video, and then share that link via email or an online learning management system like Google Classroom.

There are two effective ways to share student workbooks with your students. 

To share, click on the the “Student Workbook” link on the platform. A separate window will open up displaying the student workbook. Copy the entire web address. 

You can share the document by pasting the copied web address into an email to your students or by sharing it through a learning management system like Google Classroom.

Unfortunately, we do not yet offer a gradebook feature.

The Cadence Learning’s platform is currently only accessible to teachers and used to distribute our curriculum materials directly to you. To share our materials with your students, you can download and grab links to resources on the platform and share them via email or an LMS like Google Classroom.

No. Feel free to skip any unit that does not meet the needs of your students. 

If you have already completed a review unit, we recommend moving on to Unit 1. New units will be released in accordance with the sequence of lesson and skills.

Don’t worry. At the bottom of every lesson you will see a “Mark Complete” button. When you click that button, it will advance you to the next lesson. Each time you click “Mark Complete” you will see a change in the progress bar showing you have completed another lesson.

We are very excited to launch our enrichment classes and will be doing so soon. We anticipate Science launching by mid-October with Movement and Civics coming soon after.

Throughout the year we will be providing helpful professional development that will support you in your efforts to effectively teach your students. Keep your eyes out for ongoing updates to your Ongoing Professional Development  course.

We will update your courses with new lessons as they become available. Upcoming lessons will be indicated by a note appearing next to a lesson title. The note will indicate the date that lesson will be made available.

We provide everything you need to teach the novels covered by the Novel Study curriculum.

You will need to purchase the novels themselves. We do strongly recommend you purchase the same version (in print or digital) for all of your students in order to make it easier for you to read together as a group.

You can effectively teach the novel regardless of the version you purchase.

Daily video lessons will be using a digital version. We do recommend that you purchase the same version for all of your students to make it easier to read the text together.

If you are having trouble accessing materials on the platform, please email Cadence Learning at

Yes. When you input your payment info for the purchase of items on Cadence Learning, you are actually sharing that information with Stripe, a PCI compliant, secure payment gateway separate from Cadence Learning.

All of your confidential payment information is stored securely on their platform. We do not store your payment information on our systems nor do we have access to it. 

We hate to see you go for any reason and hope you will give us an opportunity to meet your needs. 

If you do decide you need to end your subscription, simply go to your dashboard and click on the “Subscriptions” link. Once there, it is easy and intuitive to click a button and stop your subscription.

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