For homeschool parents, pods, and microschool teachers

Online learning just got a whole lot easier.

Cadence Learning provides the most essential tools you need right now to deliver an amazing 3rd through 8th grade learning experience in your home, pod, or microschool.

Everything you need to teach on one intuitive platform

Daily prerecorded video elssons​

Daily video lessons for 3rd thru 8th grade English Language Arts and math that emphasize critical thinking, foster intellectual rigor, and promote curiosity

Lesson plans and student materials​

Unrivaled teaching resources including lesson plans, presentations, and student materials that help you extend and support student learning during every lesson

Phenomenal enrichment classes​

Fun, engaging enrichment classes including yoga, dance, percussion, and fitness. Science labs taught by real scientists and civics lessons that teach your students how to be citizens of the world

Training and support

Helpful training courses on how to leverage each of our teacher resources and timely sessions throughout the year that strengthen your daily teaching

Unlimited access to Dreambox and Lexia

Your monthly subscription comes with unlimited access to Dreambox Math and Lexia Core 5, providing your students the opportunity to practice skills that let them get caught up, stay on track, or leap ahead

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What makes Cadence Learning different?

  • Cadence Learning is essentially a “school in a box,” ready-to-use with all the tools you need to succeed.
  • REAL teachers hand picked and curated from across the nation develop and deliver our lessons and materials. They are the best.
  • Every lesson encourages discourse and critical thinking. We believe in the power of your child’s mind.
  • Our daily lesson videos are authentic and offer a warm and personal student experience unmatched in distance learning.
  • Instruction is rigorous and engaging every single day. It’s our priority.

Enthusiastic endorsements

What parents are saying

My daughter has shown an amazing change in her participation in family discussions. If my husband and I are talking about current events, she has opinions based on things she’s read.

I was surprised at her interest in the book that was assigned. I caught her reading the novel at midnight. As soon as the library reopened she asked to get the book from the library. She completed the book immediately and then began writing and illustrating her own book.

I love the extra options that they have for my son to choose from. He is so excited about learning another language. It's optional and he is choosing to do it.

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From a teacher

Online learning has become the new norm of our everyday life due to COVID-19. I have seen firsthand how students have fallen behind on essential skills because of this worldwide pandemic. It has definitely been a challenge for both my students and myself.

However, Cadence Learning has built a great summer program that helps fill in these gaps in an innovative way. It is great to hear discourse from like-minded teachers from all over the country who want to help students thrive! When educators come together on a national level, it creates a type of power and positive change. As educators, we want and believe that we can help all types of students from all around the country thrive and not fall behind.

I have never experienced teaching like this. It is definitely a privilege to be a part of something that is making real change in the way in which students access education.

—Kylie Gempler,​
Cadence Learning fifth-grade English Language Arts teacher, Las Vegas
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The finest teachers chosen from across the country

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About us

Why Cadence Learning?

We are founded by a team of award-winning teachers, school leaders, and superintendents representing some of the highest performing schools in the country.

Distance learning does not have to mean poor instruction, sad students, or frustrated parents.

500 teachers and 12,000 students across the country used Cadence Learning with amazing success and satisfaction this summer, in spite of the challenges posed by distance learning during a pandemic.

We don’t cut corners. We are dedicated to excellence. Your children deserve nothing less.

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